What’s counselling like?

Counselling provides a private and confidential setting to discuss your problems or difficulties.

A counsellor will listen carefully to you and can begin to understand your difficulties and help you to see things more clearly. Some people find it more helpful to talk openly to someone outside of their family or friends. The counsellor does not judge or offer advice but assists in exploring a range of different feelings such as anger, sadness, grief and anxiety and helps you look at different options or coping strategies.

Counselling can help you begin to feel more confident and respected through having your feelings acknowledged. Counselling only happens with your consent and within a relationship of trust.

The counselling is confidential but there may be situations where we would have serious concerns such as risk of harm to self or others, concerns about a child or young person or criminal activity which may mean that we would need to speak to another organisation to pass on the relevant information.